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What Can We Do For You?

If you need help building your website or you just want some technical advice, please feel free to contact us. We specialize in working with fashion related businesses but fashion is really just the business of being seen. So, we can help you with your business no matter what industry you are in. Below are some samples of the work we have done recently.

Nashville Fashion Week

Worked with this client since 2010 to help them build a platform that would allow them to easily distribute information, embed their schedule on other websites by building a schedule widget, collecting photos in real time from Twitter, and allowing them to publish high quality photos from the nightly events in real time using an innovative and original custom publishing platform.

See: NashvilleFashionWeek.com

Tags: Twitter API, Background Photo Processing, Embeddable Javascript Widget, Blogging, Facebook API, Content Management, Ruby on Rails, Mongo

Nashville Fashion Events


For three years we have built and maintained Nashville Fashion Events. It is a website where we report on the best of what Nashville Fashion has to offer and help to grow and promote the fashion industry. We allow users to connect with Facebook and Twitter to help us distribute fashion information, promote local designers, and upcoming fashion events.Our overwhelming amount of content and distribution ability through audience engagement, software, social engagement, and promotion work has put us near the top of most google searches related to fashion in Nashville.

See: NashvilleFashionEvents.com

Tags: E-Commerce, Video, Facebook & Twitter Integration, Instagram, Ruby on Rails, Mongo



We partnered with international photographer and lifestyle consultant, Adrian Morales to build a website based off of the Snappylifestyle brand he has been building for several years. He became a part of the Fashion Bytes umbrella of websites in 2013 with a primary focus on street style and lifestyle photographry. We have put together photography workshops with him in the past and are planning a set of changes to the Snappylifestyle website that could revolutionize the way that lifestyle photography is commercialized among major media buyers.

See: SnappyLifestyle.Com

Tags: Facebook & Twitter Integration, Instagram, Ruby on Rails, Mongo, Photography

NFW 2013 Model Search

This is a competition site we did for two of our clients in collaboration, MACS|AMAX and Nashville Fashion Week. The collaboration is a contest that will culminate in a live event at Opry Mills in March. The website is a competition that allows potential models to vy for the most points using our social voting mechanism, WallSee. The winners will be entered in to a Modeling boot camp and will get seen by top modeling agencies from New York and LA that will come to Nashville during Nashville Fashion Week.

See: NFWModelSearch.com (no longer up)

Tags: WallSee Viral Contest Software, Facebook API, Twitter API, Content Management,Web Based Photo Manipulation, Ruby on Rails, Mongo


This contest was a collaboration between us and Goodwill of Nashville. The challenge to high school students was to spend no more than $25 on an outfit from any Goodwill in the Nashville area and post it on this website. The goal after that was to get the most votes. Our software utilizes the Facebook Like button as a voting mechanism and is able to track it in real time. The winners of the contest walked in a fashion show.

See: iStyled.me (no longer up)

Tags: WallSee Viral Contest Software, Facebook API, Twitter API, Members Area,Web Based Photo Manipulation, Ruby on Rails, Mongo

Face of Fall Model Search

This is another website for our client, MACS|AMAX, a local model and talent agency in Nashville wanted to use our WallSee Viral Contest Software to put together a competition that would draw in fresh faces for their agency. This is the second such contest we built for them and the third is being built for Spring of 2013. Our software uses the Facebook Like button and the Twitter Tweet button as a voting mechanism. Using these social mechanisms for voting creates a viral effect and draws in tons of traffic. This contest drew over 100,000 hits in a 4 week period.

See: FaceOfFall.com (no longer up)

Tags: WallSee Viral Contest Software, Facebook API, Twitter API, Content Management,Web Based Photo Manipulation, Ruby on Rails, Mongo

Senior Lookbook

I helped an international fashion photographer, Adrian Morales, put together a unique concept site that provided high school students a new way to look at senior photos. It has e-commerce elements to purchase photos and uses the pwinty api to order prints.

See: SeniorLookbook.com

Tags: E-Commerce, Referral Program, Pwinty API Integration, Members Area, Blogging, Ruby on Rails, Mongo